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Backlinks in SEO: A Great Source of Organic Traffic

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In the world of SEO, you will frequently hear about backlinks (incoming links). These are important in rankings and SEO, but it is not easy to get them. Keep it in mind that strong backlinks from other websites can improve the ranking of your site.

Backlinks are links of other websites on your web pages. If your website links out, it is known as an outbound link. Alternatively, if your site receives a link, it is an inbound link.

Backlinks: A Strong Link for SEO

SEO experts are crazy about link building and backlink checker. If you can get organic links for your content, your content will get a higher ranking with Google and other search engines.

In the presence of backlinks, search engines spiders/bots easily discover you and crawl your website effectively. Backlinks are especially crucial for a new site for its faster indexing.

Good Backlink: Qualities to Identify

A good backlink generator can have a positive influence on the ranking of a site. Here are some qualities of a good backlink:

  • A link should belong to a relevant website
  • The link must not have nofollow attributes
  • A link should belong to a high-quality site that has higher domain authority and Google trust

Bad Backlinks

You can identify a bad backlink with the following characteristics:

  • A link comes in the exchange of a link
  • Links are paid for
  • Belongs to a low-quality website (for instance, article directories)
  • Belongs to a website that has duplicate content
  • A link belongs to a site that has poor domain authority and Google trust
  • The sole purpose of the link is to manipulate rankings of Google

Keep it in mind that Google can impose a penalty on a site with several toxic backlinks.

How to get quality backlinks?

Guest blogging is a famous method to get quality backlinks. Here are some other strategies that can be useful for you:

Broken Link Method

This method is popular among several SEO experts and agencies to build one-way quality backlinks. In this method, you have to search for broken links on a site in your niche. You can find these links on resource pages. Once you get a broken link, send an email to the webmaster and notify him about this problem. Keep it in mind that a webmaster will not like “404 pages”. It is an indication that the pages don’t exist.

In your email, you can suggest him to replace the broken link with another website, and definitely, you will give the link to your site. You can expect a positive reply because you have informed him about a problem and he will acknowledge your favor by accepting your link. To find broken links in Google, you can use these queries:

  • Keywords (write your keywords) + resources
  • Keyword (write your keywords) + links
  • Keywords (write your keywords) inurl:links

For instance, if you have a site for decoration, you will search for decoration + links.

Infographics: A Unique Method to Find Backlinks

Infographic is a famous method to get valuable backlinks and bring traffic to your site. You can quickly grab the attention of your target audience because they are easy to share and understand. To get a backlink, you must have a unique infographic with an exciting story.

For infographics, you can choose a trending topic and use statistical data to create it. You can hire a designer to make it because its average cost is $150 to $300. You can get almost ten or even more backlink for each infographic. Once your infographic is ready, make it visible for others with your embedded codes so that they can share it.