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Explore the Wonders of Domain Age for SEO

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Before understanding the importance of domain age, it is essential to know its meaning. Domain age is the length of time for which a site is registered and live. Domain age can be a factor to convey trust to the visitors of a website and to search engines. Two factors are essential in domain age, such as the length of time that a web domain is registered. The second is the active duration (how long a site is active) or how long a website has crawlable content (updated content) on a website. For a search engine, domain age starts from the time when the site is first time crawled by bots.    

SEO and Domain Age: Explore Relation

Domain age & Domain authority is essential for SEO because it is a ranking factor. An old website with quality content becomes more trustable in the eyes of search engines. A strong portfolio of related inbound links on an old website can be really beneficial.    

Domain age can convey trust to search engines and it is an important ranking factor. If you have a new website, there is no need to worry because your website can compete with others with quality content and related inbound links.

Qualitative backlinking plays an important role in the ranking of search engine. Search engines check your backlinks and focus on the dominance of sites. If your site is authoritative, it can get higher ranks.

High Reputation

Domains often get higher reputations in their specific niche on the marketplace. If your website takes efforts and time to create an excellent reputation, it will be a plus point for you. You may get a chance to buy an aged domain with a high reputation. If you get a reputed domain, you are a lucky person because you can promote your brand without extra hard work. Several companies spend money and time to get a good reputation and become reliable.

Organic Traffic: Domain Age Grabs More Traffic

An old domain can get more traffic. It takes time, effort, and money to get regular traffic, so purchasing an aged domain can save your time. You can get a consistent stream of traffic with an old domain. After buying an old domain, you can work to maintain an excellent level of traffic and gradually increase it.

Good Ranking from Search Engine

An SEO manager works to get the first position for his/her website in different search engines. By getting a website with a good search engine ranking, you can save your nerves and money. The primary objective is to obtain top ranking for your sites. Top rankings for a website have a direct relation with visibility and profit.

Why Google focuses on domain age?

Google focuses on Domain age to provide quality information to its visitors. If your website is live on the internet for a long duration, Google assumes that you are publishing quality work with your expertise and experience. Google will not consider your site in the category of spam sites.

Nowadays, it is easy to check domain age with the help of Domain Age Checker. These tools allow you to determine the age of a web domain. An aged domain can save you from the hard work of getting traffic. Your work will be easy, such as maintain old traffic and try to get new visitors.