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Impact of GST on Economic Growth

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The rise in the production of goods and services in an economy is referred to as economic growth. There are several factors that impact the economic growth of a country; one such factor is GST (Goods and Services Tax). GST is an indirect tax that is applied to most of the goods and services being sold in a country for domestic consumption. The rate of GST isn’t the same for all countries; in many countries, it is also called a value-added tax or sales tax. We cannot say that GST will work positively for all countries, as the economies differ from one another. This article will discuss how GST impacts economic growth in different kinds of countries, including developed and developing nations. So, let’s get started with some basics!


What GST (Goods and Services Tax)?


As earlier mentioned, GST is charged on the goods and services available for domestic consumption. This indirect tax is paid by the final consumers of a good or service, and the government collects it from the businesses. The rate of GST varies from country to country; some economies charge a fixed GST on the sale of all goods and services, while others have a varying rate. As an estimation, around 160 countries follow this taxation system since it was first introduced in France back in 1954.


How GST Impacts Economic Growth?


Over the years, many economists have conducted analyses on the impacts of different kinds of tax structures, including GST, on economic growth. In most cases, it has been claimed that GST has a negative impact on the economic growth of developing countries. The middle and lower-income earners could bear a lot due to GST, and it affects their consumption power, leading to the decline in the economic growth of developing nations. 

On the other hand, GST can stimulate economic growth for developed countries, as this taxation is considered to collect higher revenue without burdening the consumers or per capita income.


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Final Words


That’s all you need to know about the impacts of GST on economic growth. You can find various studies supporting and denying the facts discussed above. Conclusively, GST can have both positive and negative impacts on the economic growth of countries. Economic growth isn’t only reliant on a single factor; therefore, we cannot explicitly mention that GST will boost or decline it. Whenever you wish to calculate GST, you can use the online GST calculator and make your life easy. The users don’t need to acquire technical skills for using this web-based service.