The Parents Guide to Supporting LGBTQIA+ Kids

It’s a duty for all parents and caregivers to affirm, support, and lift up LGBTQIA+ kids and families—here are tools, articles, tips, and real-life stories to help you take action and create a more inclusive community for all children.

A Call to Action for Pride Month: Parents, It's Your Time to Show Up

Members of the LGBTQIA+ community including youth themselves are using every resource possible to fiercely advocate for their rights. We need parents and advocates to be loud allies for progress. Pride needs to happen every day and queer folks—especially our youth—shouldn't have to fight so hard. By Amber Leventry

An image of women holding LGBTQ+ flags and Trans Pride flags.
Getty Images. Art: Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong and Jillian Sellers.

Amber Leventry, Editor, News & Trends

The LGBTQIA+ community is like a prism: when given the proper light, it shines in infinite beautiful colors into a variety of angles. 

— Amber Leventry, Editor, News & Trends

Coming Out



For more resources and support, visit TheTrevorProject, Suicide Prevention Hotline, Born This Way Foundation, The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender National Hotline, Family Equality Council, Trans Lifeline, PLFAG,, PleaseStay,, and

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