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How to Get Featured on TikTok’s “For You” Page?

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Social media has become an inevitable part of life. Billions of people around the world use various social media platforms to interact with each other and reach out to a broader set of audiences. One of the famous social media platforms is TikTok. This platform has taken place among the most used social media platforms quickly, with more than 1 billion active users worldwide. It is available in more than 150 countries, and people share various types of short videos on it.

TikTok got so popular amongst people that other social media platforms also followed in its footsteps and introduced the feature of short videos to satisfy the needs of their users as well. Instagram and Facebook stories and reels are examples of the idea of short videos taken from TikTok. You will see various types of short videos on this platform, including funny videos, reactions, dance videos, and videos with background music.

This platform offers multiple video editing and modification features, including background music, video filters, and graphical elements, to make video-making fun for users. Trending videos on TikTok get downloaded frequently and shared on other social media platforms as well. TikTok also suggests videos for users according to their followings and interests on a particular page. These videos are shown on the ‘For You Page’.

Here we will discuss some tips and tricks to help you get your videos featured on the ‘For You’ page of TikTok. So if you are a regular user of TikTok and want to make it to the list of trending TikTokers, this blog is going to help you a lot. So make sure you read this exciting blog till the very end. Further details are given below:


What Is ‘For You’ Page (FYP) On TikTok?

The ‘For You’ page on TikTok, also known as FYP, is the page users land on as soon as they open the TikTok app on their smartphone or access the TikTok website on their PC. It is a personalized and scrollable feed, which consists of video recommendations generated by the algorithm working in the background of TikTok.  

This algorithm analyzes the activity of users, their interests, likes, and views to put suggestions on their ‘For You’ page. Simply put, this page is quite similar to the explore page of Instagram, which also displays photos and videos according to the interest of Instagram users. Videos that go viral often become part of this page first. Users can quickly discover the main content posted on TikTok here and like their favourite videos. It is worth mentioning the ‘For You’ feed is unique for every user.

If you want to go viral on TikTok, you must make sure that your content surfaces on the ‘For You’ feed because users of TikTok generally view and like videos on their personalized feed. Therefore, if your audience finds your uploads on their personalized feeds, they will like them and view them multiple times. This entire activity will trigger the algorithm to push your upload to the personalized feed of other audiences, and the process will continue until it becomes viral. Hence, the presence of your TikTok on FYP is essential.    


How to Get on TikTok’s “For You” Page?

Surfacing your upload on the personalized feed of a broader set of audiences is not a tricky task. You just have to follow a few tips and tricks, and you may witness your TikTok going viral in several hours. We have put together some details about these effective tips and tricks. Read on to know more.


1. Post High-Quality Content

Quality content is the demand of the audience these days. With that being said, make sure the video you are preparing to post on TikTok is easy to consume and comes in quality resolution to make it easier for users to watch it. If your TikTok is easy to digest and enjoyable enough to make people watch it till the end, there are more chances of it making it to the ‘For You’ page. We will elaborate on the previous statement in the next section. Finally, there is no point in spamming people with numerous videos that don’t feature quality content. On the other hand, one or two videos with high-quality content can do the trick for you.


2. Aim to Make Shorter Videos

Shorter videos with a duration of 30 to 60 seconds have become quite popular amongst social media users across various platforms. Hence, other platforms are also introducing the feature of posting short videos. Therefore, you should aim for videos of shorter duration. The benefit of posting shorter videos is people viewing your upload are more likely to watch those videos till the end. This activity urges the algorithm of TikTok to push your TikTok on the personalized feed of other people with similar interests and help you earn more views. This process also gains the attention of brands who may like to collaborate with you to promote their products and services.


3. Follow TikTok Trends

While going unique helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd, sometimes following the trends is the best approach. As most watched uploads, you may see a video or two pop up on TikTok. You can use such videos to your benefit by reacting to those videos or adding your content through the duet. You can also react to those trending videos and make it to the personalized feed of other people. Moreover, you have the opportunity to imitate those videos in your own way and boost your presence on the FYP of TikTok. We have seen various brands using viral videos to their benefit by reacting or imitating those videos with a catchy captions to interact with their audience on TikTok, and you can do the same.


4. Add Music or Trending Audio to Your Videos

TikTok was launched as a lip-syncing app to compete with Vine (which is no more in demand) initially but emerged as a social media platform over time. However, it still holds those genes in its core DNA. Hence, if you want your TikToks to become a part of the FYP of other users, you may need to make trending audio or music a part of your videos. Although TikTok doesn’t confirm it, people believe that the use of trending audio or music can help you a lot in making your video viral. This practice can help you rank your video on TikTok because the algorithm takes it as a signal. If you are facing trouble finding trending sounds, use your feed to find the trending sounds. The trick is simple, just click on the audio used in a TikTok you liked and find out how many videos are made using that particular sound. If you see several hundred videos made using the given sound, you can also use it in your TikTok.


5. Create Engaging Captions

The content posted on TikTok is a highly balanced mixture of text, visual content, and sounds. If you want to expose your TikTok to a broader set of audiences on their FYP, then a catchy caption is a must. You don’t need to be a seasoned writer to write captions. Moreover, the character limit is even shorter than what you get on Twitter. So the effective approach in this regard is to keep the captions as short as possible while aiming to make them engaging. You should also make use of related hashtags that can reflect the featured content in your video. When it comes to making your caption engaging, you can try something like ‘reminds me of the old days for a video with background music that was quite famous in the 90s.


6. Use the Hashtags

This tip is relatable to the previous tip. You need to make full use of the available character limit that can help you reach out to a broader set of audience. Like all other social media platforms, hashtags play an important role in ranking your TikToks and pushing them to the personalized feed of other people. So make sure you add multiple hashtags to the caption of your video. Moreover, add hashtags like ‘#FYP’ and ‘#ForYou’ to increase the reach of your videos. Many people believe that adding the aforementioned hashtags to the captions plays a significant role in making your TikToks viral.


7. Post Videos When Your Audience’s Most Active

Finally, we have come to the last tip, that can effectively help you enhance the reach of your video. Make sure you post your videos on TikTok when your intended audience is active. The algorithm working behind TikTok also considers the number of views on the posted video before ranking it. Moreover, the videos present on FYP are generally posted a few days ago. So if you want to make it to the FYP of TikTok with your videos, make sure you post them at the right time when your followers are actively using the platform. The more views your TikTok, the more likely it is to make its place on the ‘For You’ page.


8. Download videos from TikTok

Sometimes you need to create a TikTok by merging other videos posted on the platform. You may need to save those videos offline and merge them to create quality content. The presence of a watermark on the videos downloaded from TikTok can be the biggest problem for you. Hence, you need a reliable TikTok video downloader that removes the annoying watermark from those videos and saves them offline in HD quality. Moreover, it should be fast and convenient to help you download multiple videos quickly. 


Comprehensive Approach to Finding Success on TikTok

Success on any social media platform in terms of views and attention of the audience is not an overnight affair. However, following a few effective tips and tricks can help you establish the road toward success on TikTok. Your aim should be to place your video on the personalized feed of people interested in seeing content similar to yours. Once your video becomes a part of FYP of a broader set of audiences, it is more likely to go viral.

It is worth mentioning that the tips and tricks we have discussed above don’t guarantee success, but logically these are the best practices to grab the attention of the audience. In addition to all the aforementioned tips, you need to make sure that you interact with other users on TikTok regularly to garner a large number of followers that can ultimately help you make your videos find their place on the FYP page of other users.