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Search Engines Other Than Google for Image Search

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Discovering the perfect image is essential for grabbing peoples’ attention or explaining a point. To find the most suitable images that relate to your content and uplift its attractiveness, you need an excellent search engine that can provide you with the best results shortly. The internet has numerous search engines that offer you fast and reliable image searches.

Google is one of the most appreciated search engines all over the planet. The Google reverse image search facility (Google Images) on this search engine is widely used for searching images for your website, blog, or other marketing content. The advanced features of Google Image search allow you to filter your image search by specifying size, color, file type, upload date, and usage rights. But, it has been observed that people often couldn’t find their required images on Google. Such sort of scenarios leads them to look for other image search engines online.

Picking up a search engine that can help you trace out your desired images quickly can be a tricky task. But, you don’t need to feel dull, as we have shortened down the most advanced and appreciated search engines that serve you best in locating an image source instantly. So, let’s start unveiling our list of search engines that offer reverse image search without any further ado!



Bing is another excellent search engine that is considered Google’s top contender when it comes to image search. Many people out there find Google’s interface dull and bland and prefer using Bing because of its color and rich interface. Many top professionals have stated in various interviews that they find Bing far better than Google.

Just like Google, Bing reverse image search offers you filters to search for an image by color, type, layout, size, and, notably, creatively common licensed images. In contrast to Google, Bing’s image filter options can be availed on the search result pages, so you don’t need to navigate away from the page at all. However, Bing doesn’t offer you image search by voice, and that’s the only drawback you will find on this reverse image search engine.



Yandex is the most popular image search engine in Russia. This search engine offers you an image search utility that is similar to Google but has a small size of databases as compared to other image search engines. There are many instances where Google fails to provide the desired results or gives you generic results, but Yandex instantly detects the accurate picture in no time. Yandex image search  is capable of making a successful search even if you are uploading a cropped or scanned image.



Baidu is a giant platform that has the ability to compete with Google in every aspect. Initially, Baidu was created for Chinese people, but now it’s available for people from all over the world. The image search utility of Baidu allows you to make an effective reverse picture search without following any complicated procedure. One aspect that makes Baidu more reliable than any other search engine is that it can understand the Chinese language much better than any other search engine and provides you with accurate results shortly.



Sogou is China’s second-largest search engine that has its own unique algorithms that are different from all other search engines. Sogou got attention when it was acquired by Tencent, which turned it into the only search engine that has access to all WeChat users (approximately 1.8 billion users). The ability to utilize Wechat’s posts and images makes this search engine a real threat to its competitors. The reverse image search on Sogou also has the option to filter the results according to size, type, date, colors, and usage right just like all other popular image search engines.


Image Search Tool by Searchenginereports.net

There are numerous third-party utilities available online that offer you image reverse search facilities. The advanced image search online tool available on SearchEngineReports.net is a handy option that gives extraordinary assistance to all its users. Instead of searching for your image on different search engines separately, you can take help from this utility as it will provide you the results from all the major image search engines, including Google, Baidu, Sogou, Yandex, and Tineye. The results you get from this image search facility are fast and reliable. The best part of using this search by image tool is that it doesn’t require any registration or installation at all.


Bottom Line

Google is undoubtedly one of the most preferred search engines for searching for high-quality images online. But, in a few instances, Google images may not provide you with the results you are seeking for. The shared information will give you an idea about the possible options you can opt for to get the best image search results. However, it is suggested to try the free reverse image search utility on searchenginereports.net to get the image results from all search engines on a single platform.