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Common Misconceptions About Plagiarism

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Many people have a perception that writing is an easier job, and every person on this planet has some understanding of the grammatical structure of the English language. However, all these misconceptions are completely wrong. Writing is a serious task that needs ample time and effort to research accurate and reliable information and convey it in a smooth way without any grammar errors to the readers.

Similarly, there is a huge strength of people who believe that paraphrasing is completely legal, and there will be no way to find that you have rephrased a published content. Such people also believe that rearranging a sentence or copy-pasting some content from the web in your article won’t be considered plagiarism.

This article will be helpful for all of you to get familiar with the misconceptions that people have about plagiarism. So, let’s begin with the first point without delaying any further.


Rearrangement of Sentences Is Still Plagiarism

Many people, especially students, have a belief that switching words will save them from plagiarism. However, everyone needs to understand that the words, sentences, and structure of the content in an article are the writer’s sole property, and you cannot copy or change it without getting permission. You can understand this concept with the example that if you steal a car from someone and change a few parts of it, do you think it will be considered yours? Obviously, no! Similarly, restructuring content and publishing it as your own won’t save you from the penalties against committing plagiarism.


Explaining The Topic in Your Own Words Requires Citation

Citation is one of the most important things in content creation. There are many online sources from where you can get the information about a topic. However, if you find some useful and interesting information on a site, and you want to include it in your words by rewording the concept, you still have to give credit to the original creators or the sites from which you got the idea. Unfortunately, many individuals who are new to the writing field usually don’t realize the importance of appropriate citation, and they avoid it to save their time and efforts. However, they must understand that inappropriate citation will cause serious damage to your fame and lead you to face legal actions against stealing someone’s copyrighted content.


 Copied Phrases Must Be Quoted Properly

While going through different contents over the web, there might be a possibility that you are stuck at a phrase that hit you, and you want to use it in your content right away. But, there is one thing that must be taken care of; you can’t simply add any phrase in your content. The standard way to include someone’s quote in your content is by mentioning the writer’s name along with the phrase. In this way, you can utilize a phrase from an online source without facing any charge of plagiarizing content.


At the End

Plagiarism is an offense that can damage the career of an individual within no time. You cannot copy content from the web without taking any prior permission or giving adequate credits to the original creators. The information discussed in this blog will be beneficial in getting familiar with the misconceptions that people have regarding plagiarism. You should go through it to get knowledge about these misconceptions and avoid them to save yourself from any unpleasant situation like a ban from Google or getting an F grade from your supervisor. You also take the assistance from online plagiarism checker to save your scores and reputation.