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How to Become a Professional Writer: A Complete Guide

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Do you have a passion for writing and want to pursue it as a career? Excellent Choice! 

 But, I have a piece of good news and bad news for you. 

 The bad news is that writing is a strenuous job, and you need to make a great effort and give your 100% if you want to excel in this field. You will understand what I meant if you have some experience in writing.

 Now comes the good news: writing is an in-demand profession, and if you polish your skills, you will get plenty of rewards like:

  •  A career you admire of
  • A broad range of readers
  • Massive admiration 
  • Handsome Income
  • Peoples’ Attention 

 But now lots of questions arise in your mind, like how to become an inspiring writer? Is it as simple as it appears to become a professional writer, or are there some intricacies attached? What is the first step to starting your career as a writer? Does this profession offer a good income? Or, many more! 

 Well, this blog post will cover all the complexities you might have in your mind right now and guide you on the simple ways to become a writer. So, read on to get comprehensive information about the dos and don’ts for starting your writing career. 


Decide What Kind of Writer You Wish to Become

Writing is a broad term and can be categorized into two major categories: personal writing and professional writing. 

Personal writing includes writing simply for personal enjoyment on the topics related to life like opinions, thoughts, experiences, etc. 

On the contrary, professional writing is about different products, affairs, or promotional matters. Deep research is needed to write professional content. The primary purpose of professional writing for most writers is to earn money for a living. 

So, you need to decide what type of writer you want to become. If you feel inclined toward professional writing, you will get a number of career paths, and you can opt for any of them as per your preference. A few major writing fields that come under professional writing are as follows. 


1. Content Writing

The article you are reading right now is a clear example of content writing. The content you read on different websites, like informational guides, and especially blogs, are examples of content writing. Moreover, the promotional content you watch on TV or social media comes from content writers. However, it is vital to share here that there are different fields of content writing as well. You can pick any specific industry like digital marketing to start your professional career as a content writer. The best part of being a content writer is that you can work in-house or as a freelancer.  


2. Copywriting

This type of writing includes taglines, product descriptions, commercial content, and other short emotion-packed bits of writing that lead people to take a specific decision. Copywriting is a vast field and has further types like email copywriting, SEO copywriting, brand copywriting, direct response copywriting, and marketing copywriting. Moreover, you can choose any specific field like the medical industry or entertainment sector to focus on as a copywriter. This writing field also gives you the freedom of working as an in-house employee or remotely. 


3. Technical Writing

Have you found a user manual when you bought an electronic device for your personal use? What type of information was written in that user manual? Does it ring a bell for you? 

Technical writing mainly focuses on the information that guides people to use an application or digital device. Such kind of writing contains all sorts of user manuals, how-to guides, and product descriptions. The scheme of technical writing is almost similar to content writing; the only difference is that content writing emphasizes engaging readers as a part of marketing strategy, and technical writers focus on content creation that describes how a product works. 

However, it is inevitable to state here that there is no room for inaccurate information in technical writing. Users use the content as a guide to using equipment, and any wrong information may damage the device. Therefore, having a technical degree and attending training courses is essential in most companies for technical writers. 


4. Turn into an Avid Reader

You might have heard that if you desire to become a professional writer, you have to be a good reader. Well, this statement is completely true! It is just like listening to other motivational speakers to get inspiration if you want to be a speaker. Going through various manuscripts, and articles of different writers will assist you in polishing your skills and becoming a pro writer. 

Writing isn’t an easy chore and demands a massive struggle in improving your skills and uplifting your knowledge about your focused field. For instance, if you have opted for content writing, you should read different blogs, articles, and other relevant written material to have a good stock of information and useful terms that enhance the attractiveness of your content. 

Social media is also a great option that can assist you in getting hands-on with some remarkable reading material. There are plenty of groups and forums available online that provide you with some amazing articles worthy of reading. 

However, one thing that you must understand is the excessiveness of anything is dangerous. Similarly, reading shouldn’t be formal at all. You won’t have to force yourself to read a specific chapter in a certain timeframe. Such sort of obligations will turn you bored and revolt you from making efforts. The selection of books and blogs for reading is also crucial. It is suggested to read the famous writers of the field you want to start writing in. 


Pick The Tools That Can Help You Write a Catchy Content


Writing becomes easier with useful and advanced tools that assist you in making unique and inspiring content. You can get your hands on numerous utilities that allow you to organize your writing, and find duplication without observing any complications. 

If you want to begin your career as a writer, it is inevitable to explore the tools that writers use for crafting an exclusive article. The most used tools by writers are:


  • Google Docs
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Evernote
  • Grammar Checker
  • Yoast
  • Word Counter
  • Wordstream Free Keyword Tool
  • Citation Machine


Most of the mentioned tools are easily accessible over the web, and you don’t need to pay any money for using them. These tools will help you find the right keywords, detect content duplication, grab grammar mistakes, etc., which will definitely aid you in writing a captivating article. 


Final Words

All the tips you find above will help you turn yourself from a beginner into a professional writer. However, don’t try too hard to achieve everything in a single day, as it will provide you nothing but demotivate you. Instead, you should master yourself in a particular field (like copywriting) instead of trying in all fields altogether. Choose one primary field at first, and when you feel that you have gained expertise in it, then move to second, third, etc., to build safety and hedge against keeping all your eggs in one basket. It is also suggested to visit searchenginereports.net to get all the major utilities that might be helpful in writing, like plagiarism checker, and grammar checker, in a single place.