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Analyzing your competitors’ actions is essential to create a compelling marketing strategy. In addition, this analysis assists marketers in learning where they should put their efforts to improve ROI and generate more conversions.

Moreover, competitive research also answers the following questions;


  • How are they presenting their products?
  • What kind of content are the competitors using to catch the audience’s attention?
  • Which specific marketing platforms are competitors using to attract visitors?
  • What kind of images or other graphical data are they using to strengthen their marketing strategies?
  • What are the loopholes of their strategy that you can exploit?


However, many marketers only focus on a few things while researching their competitors. For example, they check their targeted keywords, the use of those keywords in their content, and where they rank over multiple search engines. 

Competitor analysis is much more than only checking SERPs and finding keywords. It also includes what kind of graphical data they use. Those who miss this aspect make a massive mistake as most businesses emphasize visual content as they know its importance. In fact, for most companies, especially eCommerce stores, the graphical data is more important than other types of content. Thus, it is imperative to learn what competitors are doing in terms of graphics. When it comes to graphical content analysis, you can utilize an incredible tool: Google’s Advanced Image Search.

Let’s learn what it is! 


What Is Google Advanced Image Search?


As the name suggests, Google’s Advanced Image Search is an online utility that helps netizens find required images. However, it is a bit different from other image search methods. That’s why it is called advanced. It allows internet users to use multiple filters to find their preferred images, including words, size, aspect ratio, colors, domain, format, usage rights, region, and image type. Together all these filters make Advanced Image Search more precise and efficient. As a result, students, researchers, marketers, business owners, and people of every field use this facility to find the exact pictures they need.


Although most people don’t know about this utility, it is very effective for image search. All those who know how to use this facility can quickly gather the data they need. However, most people don’t know how to use this utility efficiently. But don’t worry. The next part of the article is about its usage. 


How to use Google Advanced Image Search?


Using Google’s reverse image search facility isn’t that complicated if you know what you want Google to show you in return for the input. However, the problem occurs here. Many don’t know their needs or how to get the required information.


Here is an easy way of getting information from this platform.

  • Read all the filters
  • Know your needs
  • Fill out all the boxes with relevant data


That’s it. Most people don’t know how to fill out the filters correctly. However, if you are aware of it, the rest of the work is as easy as searching for anything on Google. 


Why use Google Advanced Image Search for Competitive Research?


Do you know why you should use this tool for researching your competitors? Simple. It is the best in the business. No matter whether you want to know who your competitors are, what they are offering, where they are publishing their content, etc., this utility by Google can help. Here are some reasons to use Google reverse image search for competitive research.


Identifying Competing Brands


To excel in the competitive market and get your share, you must know what brands you are competing with. This information is much more crucial than many other things. It can help you decide how much you need to invest in marketing and advertising, which brand values you need to emphasize, where you should post your content, and which marketing strategy could be more helpful for you.


Google’s Reverse Image Search can help you know your real competitors. Usually, when marketers or brands start competitor research, they search for them on Google using various keywords. But they get many irrelevant results in return which wastes their time. However, this utility provides users the chance to specify what they want. For example, they can add and exclude some keywords. Furthermore, they can also select regions. Region selection is essential in competitor research since local brands are generally the actual competitors. 


Analyzing Product Offerings


With this online utility, any business owner can easily find out what their competitors are offering to their clients. To analyze your competitors’ products, you have two different options. 


  • Directly use their brand name in the Image Search; it will show you their product images. Most companies add brand names in alt tags. That’s how you can reach their product images in no time. Moreover, you can easily reach where else they have posted their content using the brand name strategy.


  • Use their domain name in the search. With this, you will quickly reach all the images they have uploaded on their websites. It can help you directly acquire most of the data regarding your competitors that you need. 


Brush Up on Competitor Price Points


After you know what products your competitors sell, you also know their prices. This information is beneficial for you. Once you know the basic price points set by different brands, you can easily decide your price points as well. As a result, you can win consumers’ trust and boost your sales by keeping prices lower than the market. 


Reverse image search to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities


Reverse image search to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities


Once you get the product pictures of your competitors with Google Advanced Image Search, now is the time to utilize them and get more data from them. With reverse image search, you can quickly learn which online platforms can assist you in marketing.


Just upload your competitors’ product images to a reverse image search tool, and it will show you where the same or similar data is uploaded. Then, by analyzing and scrutinizing them, you can easily find guest blogging and marketing opportunities. Ultimately, it will help you improve both organic and referral traffic. 


Write Better Product Descriptions


The more products you analyze on the internet, the better it is for you to know how to write more impressive product descriptions. It helps you learn the best ways to describe your products and enlightens you with unique selling points that people can associate with. That’s how this online utility can assist you in building trust and improving sales. 


Google Advanced Image Search Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s answer a few questions regarding Google’s Advanced Image Search!


How can I do an advanced Google reverse image search?

To perfectly utilize this advanced facility by Google, you need some information about what you want. With that information, you can easily fill out every box and tell what you need. On the other hand, if you have an image saved on your device, upload it to “Google search by image.” It will show you similar photos in no time.


How do you reverse image search on the phone?

The process is the same on both mobile devices and desktops. If you want to use Google’s search by image utility on your mobile phone, open your browser, go to Google, press the camera icon in the search bar, select the picture, adjust it, and you will get the results on your screen.


How do I refine Google Image Search?

Google offers two different image search methods. Both of these methods require different ways to refine your search. For example, suppose you are using the Google Image search facility. In that case, you need high-res images, as the reverse image search engine presents results according to the pictures. Moreover, you can also crop them from the key object for better results.

On the other hand, if you are using Google’s Advanced Image Search, you need to get more information about the images you want against your input. After getting that information, fill the maximum boxes with the acquired data; that’s how you will get the refined results.


What is the best image search lookup?


Almost every search engine has created its image search lookup. Each of them has some strengths, making them a better choice than others. Similarly, they also have some limitations. Here are the best image search platforms that you can use for competitive research.

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Yandex
  • SearchEngineReports


What is the best image search lookup


Google Advanced Image Search: Conclusion

Google’s Advanced Image Search facility is excellent for competitor research. It is among the best tools you should add to your competitor research toolkit. The reason is that it provides the answers to various questions. For example, it educates brands on how their competitors are showcasing their products, which platforms they are using for gaining traffic, their key selling points, what products they are offering, etc. Acquiring all the information is valuable for your brand as you can make strategic decisions and win your market share.

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Search Engines Other Than Google for Image Search Mon, 19 Sep 2022 06:29:34 +0000 Discovering the perfect image is essential for grabbing peoples’ attention or explaining a point. To find the most suitable images that relate

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Discovering the perfect image is essential for grabbing peoples’ attention or explaining a point. To find the most suitable images that relate to your content and uplift its attractiveness, you need an excellent search engine that can provide you with the best results shortly. The internet has numerous search engines that offer you fast and reliable image searches.

Google is one of the most appreciated search engines all over the planet. The Google reverse image search facility (Google Images) on this search engine is widely used for searching images for your website, blog, or other marketing content. The advanced features of Google Image search allow you to filter your image search by specifying size, color, file type, upload date, and usage rights. But, it has been observed that people often couldn’t find their required images on Google. Such sort of scenarios leads them to look for other image search engines online.

Picking up a search engine that can help you trace out your desired images quickly can be a tricky task. But, you don’t need to feel dull, as we have shortened down the most advanced and appreciated search engines that serve you best in locating an image source instantly. So, let’s start unveiling our list of search engines that offer reverse image search without any further ado!



Bing is another excellent search engine that is considered Google’s top contender when it comes to image search. Many people out there find Google’s interface dull and bland and prefer using Bing because of its color and rich interface. Many top professionals have stated in various interviews that they find Bing far better than Google.

Just like Google, Bing reverse image search offers you filters to search for an image by color, type, layout, size, and, notably, creatively common licensed images. In contrast to Google, Bing’s image filter options can be availed on the search result pages, so you don’t need to navigate away from the page at all. However, Bing doesn’t offer you image search by voice, and that’s the only drawback you will find on this reverse image search engine.



Yandex is the most popular image search engine in Russia. This search engine offers you an image search utility that is similar to Google but has a small size of databases as compared to other image search engines. There are many instances where Google fails to provide the desired results or gives you generic results, but Yandex instantly detects the accurate picture in no time. Yandex image search  is capable of making a successful search even if you are uploading a cropped or scanned image.



Baidu is a giant platform that has the ability to compete with Google in every aspect. Initially, Baidu was created for Chinese people, but now it’s available for people from all over the world. The image search utility of Baidu allows you to make an effective reverse picture search without following any complicated procedure. One aspect that makes Baidu more reliable than any other search engine is that it can understand the Chinese language much better than any other search engine and provides you with accurate results shortly.



Sogou is China’s second-largest search engine that has its own unique algorithms that are different from all other search engines. Sogou got attention when it was acquired by Tencent, which turned it into the only search engine that has access to all WeChat users (approximately 1.8 billion users). The ability to utilize Wechat’s posts and images makes this search engine a real threat to its competitors. The reverse image search on Sogou also has the option to filter the results according to size, type, date, colors, and usage right just like all other popular image search engines.


Image Search Tool by

There are numerous third-party utilities available online that offer you image reverse search facilities. The advanced image search online tool available on is a handy option that gives extraordinary assistance to all its users. Instead of searching for your image on different search engines separately, you can take help from this utility as it will provide you the results from all the major image search engines, including Google, Baidu, Sogou, Yandex, and Tineye. The results you get from this image search facility are fast and reliable. The best part of using this search by image tool is that it doesn’t require any registration or installation at all.


Bottom Line

Google is undoubtedly one of the most preferred search engines for searching for high-quality images online. But, in a few instances, Google images may not provide you with the results you are seeking for. The shared information will give you an idea about the possible options you can opt for to get the best image search results. However, it is suggested to try the free reverse image search utility on to get the image results from all search engines on a single platform.

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Discover 6 Benefits of Reverse Image Search Wed, 13 Jul 2022 11:06:01 +0000 In the past few years, technological advancements have truly swamped the entire globe. Especially in the domain of internet search, massive robust

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In the past few years, technological advancements have truly swamped the entire globe. Especially in the domain of internet search, massive robust technologies are being introduced every other day. Previously, a keyword-based search was the baseline of initiating queries. However, the image search is truly grabbing a considerable sphere over the last few years. The advanced algorithms have truly benefited everyone out there to retrieve accurate and precise results. From finding similar high-resolution images to creating free and worthwhile backlinks, reverse image search is helping a lot of people satisfy their needs. In addition to that, the accuracy of results isn’t compromised as well. Keyword-based search queries sometimes come with ambiguity, and the generated results don’t match the user’s search intent. In this scenario, the photo search is the best option to retrieve accurate results. You’ll not be dissatisfied with the final output because it will clearly match your search intent. Therefore, reverse image search is truly a revolutionary technology that has several advantages for everyone. Let’s get to know how image search works. 

How does Image Search work? 

The image search utilizes Artificial intelligence algorithms. They have deployed strong algorithms for fetching accurate and precise results. The reverse image search tool works by fetching similar images against the submitted image. It works by matching similar shapes, color schemes, objects, and other elements. Facial recognition features also power the tool. It not only works by matching the images but the classical way of picture annotation is also integrated for more precise output. Therefore, image search engines are the one-stop-destination for customized results. 



Let’s get to know about the benefits of reverse image search. 


Helps in Finding Out the Origin of an Image 


The reverse image search is a great facility for all those who want to dig out the details of an image. The facility works by matching the submitted image with the pictures available in the database and indexed images. You will easily get to know about the source of an image on the go. You won’t feel stressed while utilizing the facility because the user interface is simple. There are cases where news is wrongfully attributed to an image. You can get to know about its authenticity by uploading the image to the tool, and it will retrieve the source for letting you know whether the news is true or not. In this regard, no one would deny the fact that an image search engine is the best option to find out the origin of an image on the go. 


Image Search Helps You Earn Natural Backlinks


There isn’t any doubt that earning natural backlinks requires immense effort. Although several advancements have taken place in the algorithms of Google and other search engines, backlinks are still considered to be a strong indicator to determine the work of a website or a webpage. From blogger outreach to guest posting, everything requires effort and money to get the required results. However, with the assistance of image search, you can earn natural backlinks. These days, the replication of content is common. People may duplicate your images without giving out proper credits. You can upload your most performing images to the tool, and it will retrieve all the sources where similar images have been published. You can ask the webmasters to give you a backlink against the content they have copied. 


Helps Reveal Fake Profiles and Posts on Social Media


The reverse image search is a great source for tracking down profiles and posts, which are fake on social media. People these days utilize social media by adopting fake personalities to serve their vested interests. Some of the intent is to spread fake propaganda, while others have an intention to gain financial benefits. All you would need is to download the profile image and upload it to the reverse image search tool to get to know if the profile is fake or not. If the profile is fake, then the utility will fetch all the sources where a similar picture has been published, or you will be able to know that the profile is fake. Therefore, the facility is truly advantageous in every regard for the netizens. 


Exploring Products without Proper Labelling


You can also explore the names of products and their vendors with the assistance of reverse image search. Millennials and Gen Z are fond of generating search queries with the help of images. They don’t feel comfortable initiating search queries with the assistance of keywords. There are also cases where the user is not aware of the exact search term that can be utilized for fetching similar images to know the name of the product or the details about the seller. The picture search can help in this regard by letting them know about the product name and other details. For that reason, the tool could be highly beneficial for people who want to make a purchase online from e-commerce stores. 


Checking the Real Names of Celebrities & Things

Last but not least, a picture search is a great source for knowing the names of celebrities and things. You can use the photo search tool to know the names of celebrities. For example, there are models and other social media celebrities, but you are not aware of their names and other details. The image search facility can help you to know their names. There also might be the case that comes across a picture of the model on a billboard and is not aware of the name. You can capture the snap and upload it to the tool; it will fetch all the details about the celebrity and their name. In addition to that, you might also not be aware of the name of a thing, and you can get to know by uploading the snap to the tool, and it will answer your search queries. The best part of this tool is how vague your search query is, but the tool will fetch the results you are looking for. 


 Closing Thoughts 

The reverse image search is truly one of the best sources for everyone out there to find high-resolution images, track fake profiles and posts, explore products without proper labeling, earn natural backlinks and know the names of celebrities and things. Therefore, no one would ever deny the fact that image search will dominate in the coming years. A recent survey also indicated that picture search had grabbed 30% of internet search, and the graph is in an upward direction, which means their share will likely be increased in the coming years. Along with that, Pinterest has also revealed that more than 600 million searches take place on their platform, which is image-based. 


Moreover, the advanced algorithms have also contributed a lot to the usage of this facility. The deployment of artificial intelligence-based algorithms has made it possible to retrieve accurate and precise results. The reliability of the final output is the baseline behind the immense popularity of this facility. Therefore, using this tool will be beneficial in every regard. You can make the most out of this tool. The facility is also a great source for marketers and entrepreneurs as they can fetch multiple benefits from it. 


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How to See Who’s Stolen Your Photos (And What to Do About It) Mon, 31 Jan 2022 10:37:38 +0000 In this digital world, everything published for public use can be accessed by anyone, even copycats and thieves. It’s a sad reality

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In this digital world, everything published for public use can be accessed by anyone, even copycats and thieves. It’s a sad reality that web owners don’t have security measures that can prevent their images from being stolen. However, if you have copyrights for the images you’re uploading, then you can easily take legal action against the thieves. But the main question is, how to see who has stolen your photos? If you also have the same query, then you have landed at the right spot. In this blog, we will dig into the easy way of finding similar pictures present over the web. Also, we are going to discuss the actions you can take to stop people from stealing your images. So without any further delay, let’s get started!


Keep Track of Your Images


If you have posted hundreds of pictures over your blog or website, it would be impossible for you to keep track of them. This is because millions of web pages are available over the web, and manually tracking of published images without taking permission isn’t child’s play. Therefore, you can rely on the reverse image search facility that conducts this job on your behalf and presents results within a matter of seconds. Yes, you read that right!

This online service provides you with an opportunity to figure out the sources where your images have been uploaded. The reverse image search tool allows you to either upload an image by accessing your device’s storage or enter the URL of an image if it’s present on the web. Once you’re done with uploading an image, the tool will retrieve similar picture results with its CBIR technology.



How to Deter People from Using Your Images?


For the images that have been stolen already, you can contact the webmasters and ask them to take your pictures down or provide you with proper credits. As you have got an easy way out for finding the sources who have stolen your images, let’s discuss how you can follow to prevent image theft.


1. Register Your Images


The first and basic way to deter people from using your images is to get copyrights on your images by registering them for a reasonable fee. The registration of your images will provide you with proof of ownership, and no other party will be able to use your content without your consent, or else you can take legal actions against them. You don’t need to visit an office amid this pandemic, as this process can be done online, and you can save your images from thieves.


2. Watermark Your Images


Watermarking is a great option for saving your images from being stolen, but its effectiveness depends upon your editing skills. If you’re not a pro editor, you can end up deteriorating the image quality and make things worse for yourself. While choosing a watermark, you need to make sure that it doesn’t affect the appearance of your image. Plus, it should be robust enough to make thieves unable to remove it. Photoshop is a good option to add watermarks to your images; however, if you don’t have the know-how of using this software, take assistance from a professional instead of messing up things.


3. Crop Specific Part of Image


When you’re suing someone for using your image, you need to provide authentic proof that the image solely belongs to you. If you don’t have any proof, the thief can sue you too while claiming that you have actually stolen the image, not him/her. To prevent this from happening, crop image-specific parts before publishing and keep the original copy with you. Then, if such a nuisance occurs, you will have proof of your image’s originality that will make your case strong.


4. Disable Right-Clicking


Another easy way of preventing your images from theft is by disabling right-clicking on your website. This practice will disallow the thieves to save your picture by simply right-clicking; however, they can still take a screenshot of your image. But the problem with screenshots is that they cannot offer the original quality of a picture. Hence, it will make the thieves unwilling to take pictures from your site and hunt down others without wasting their time.


That’s it!


Finding copycats is no more a hectic task due to the availability of reverse image search tools. You can find various web portals offering reverse image search facilities, such as In addition, you can opt for any of the ways given above to save your pictures from getting stolen. These easy ways aren’t difficult to follow, and they bring several advantages to your site, as the audience will never raise a finger on the originality of your content.

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Is There Any Way to Capture Text from A JPG? Mon, 13 Dec 2021 08:19:07 +0000 You might have witnessed the era where people felt difficulties in extracting text from the images. They had to write all the

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You might have witnessed the era where people felt difficulties in extracting text from the images. They had to write all the content manually, which was a tedious task. Moreover, if the content was lengthy, people had to take help from professionals to extract text from images. If you believe that we are talking about an ancient time, then it’s not true. Even 10-15 years ago, or before the invention of Object Character Recognition (OCR), people used to type all the text they found in the images for data entry purposes. However, with easy accessibility to OCR online tools, now you can capture text from an image file without any difficulty.

In this blog post, we will reveal the easiest way to extract text from image without typing a single word or following any intricate procedure.


Take Help from an Advanced OCR Online Tool

Technological innovation has introduced a new map to individuals to perform their tasks without wasting their efforts and in a short interval of time. There are numerous utilities available over the web that can assist you in completing your tasks straightforwardly. When it comes to extracting text from an image, fortunately, you can find a plethora of OCR online tools that scan your picture and retrieve text from it. All the process is completed within a blink of an eye, and you can get a clear and readable text.

The popularity of OCR technology and high demands from all over the globe lead many renowned platforms to create their own OCR tools. You can get the benefits from this competition, as every platform is striving to update its tool and provide features that no other tool offers. You can explore the web and find any suitable OCR tool that can work for you in the best manner.

When it comes to making a selection, you must understand that many online OCR tools are not reliable and may not provide you the results you are looking for. Therefore, always try multiple OCR utilities and then settle for the one you find the best.

However, it is suggested to give a try to the OCR online tool available on, as this tool has features that you can’t find in any other free tool. The user-friendly interface and ease in uploading your images are major reasons people prefer using this facility. Moreover, there are no sign-up restrictions associated with this tool. You can use this useful online service from any part of the world without facing any compatibility issues.

Summing Up!

The advanced algorithms working in the backend of advanced tools like the one available on have revolutionized the perception of doing a task. Now, you can perform your tasks without investing any hard effort with the assistance of these modern tools. The Object Character Recognition tool allows you to get rid of all the conventional methods of capturing text from the image. You can simply upload an image on an advanced OCR online tool and wait for a few seconds while it performs the magic.

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Brief Comparison of Famous Photo Search Engines Thu, 28 Oct 2021 10:15:09 +0000 Tracing out the source of an image over the web isn’t a simple task. You may need to visit various online platforms

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Tracing out the source of an image over the web isn’t a simple task. You may need to visit various online platforms and search for a picture yourself. The whole process might seem simple, but it includes a massive amount of time and effort. Still, the chances of getting your required results are pretty low. Then what is the best possible option we have for finding images or their source/creator? Well, technological innovation has allowed us to perform this task with ease. There are tools available online named image search facilities that can help us in finding the pictures online. These utilities work on the principles of reverse image search; once you upload your queried image on the facility, it will compare it with millions of web pages from its database and display similar results in a few seconds.

Image search is a great technique to search for desired pictures over the web. You can find similar images or detailed information about photos with the assistance of an image search facility. However, it is essential to understand that the selection of a top-notch image search facility is crucial to get the best results.

In this post, we will compare various leading photo search engines based on their performance. This comparison will be helpful for you to understand which tool is most suitable for you.


Google Images

 Google is considered the one platform that can provide you with information regarding any topic. The main reason for its massive popularity isn’t only the databases it has, but its excellent and easy interface is also noteworthy as it enables every individual to search for anything. Google’s reverse image search offers another amazing feature that helps millions of users looking for images. You can use numerous filters for effective tracking and search for pictures with voice assistance using Google Images.

You can use the advanced search options and filter images by size, color, type of image (photo, clip art, etc.) to search for a picture online.



Bing is one of the most appreciated search engines in recent times and has a traffic of millions of people from all over the globe. This search engine is measured as the best alternative to Google. People who find Google’s interface dull will definitely like Bing’s interface due to its excellent color scheme. Even many famous researchers have claimed that they find Bing Image search more beneficial than Google.

Just like Google, this platform allows you to filter pictures by color, type, layout, image size, and license. Unlike Google. However, the drawback of using Bing is that it doesn’t offer image search by voice.



You might be amazed to see Yahoo’s name on this list. People who found Yahoo an outdated search engine should give a try to its image search facility. You will be amazed by the results you get with the Yahoo image search utility. The ownership of image-sharing site Flickr comes in contact with Yahoo image search, as pictures from Flickr are combined in image search results, making it the best for user-generated images. Moreover, Flickr users have the facility to simply save pictures from their searches to their Flickr account.


Search Engine Reports

Exploring various search engines and searching for an image might be looking tedious to many people out there. For such people, offers a great facility that automatically examines all the major search engines and provides the best results in a few instants. So, you are not required to check for any image yourself, as the image search utility of this web portal can complete this task without requiring any effort. You only need to upload an image from your device, and this tool will compare it with the image search databases of significant search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Sogou, etc. Thus, you will get all similar images and their sources instantly through this image search utility.


Bottom Line

Image search is an advanced method of searching for pictures online that doesn’t need any keyword-based queries. You can upload the image on an image search utility and get a similar image directly. The search engines discussed above are offering image search options to their users. However, it is suggested to give a try to the tool provided by, as this facility will offer you the results from all the search engines, and you don’t have to examine different search engines individually. This approach will help you save time and get the best output without facing intricacies.

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