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How to Find Backlinks for your Website?

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In this article, we will show you that how can you find and check backlinks for your websites in the best way possible. The concept of backlinks and free backlinks checkers can be difficult for people who are new to website development and so for new beginners we will give you guys a step by step procedure that will help you in finding the best backlinks for your website and not only find them but to also check

them yourself. If you are reading this article, then it means that you have done your keyword searching and have written good content on your website and the step that is remaining is to add backlinks and run some backlink searches. If you want to check backlinks, then the best tool you can use is from the SearchEngineReports.Net.

Step 1: Navigation to The Link Explorer Tool!

For people who are unfamiliar with the term link explorer, it is actually the free backlink checker which you can find on well-reputed service providing websites like SearchEnginereports.Net. The first step is to use this tool to search about the profile about any website on the internet, and it will show you the qualities of the top pages and sites on the basis of the factors that include Page Authority, Domain Authority, and spam score. You can make this search for free as almost all of these tools are free on the internet.

Step 2: Check Your Competitors!

The best tip we can give you to get the best backlinks for your website is to search the URL of your competition to get complete information about the backlinks that he is using. To check backlinks of your competition might not sound ethical at first, but when you start doing it, you will find it to be the best part of improving your site. For that purpose, you can use our tool “Competitor Backlinks Checker”.

Step 3: Focus On Inbound Links!

While searching for the best backlinks for your website, you must focus on finding the inbound links that are being used by your competition. These links will show you the equity and the traffic that is being generated on your competition’s website, and you can get the best backlinks for you too. The most active backlinks are the ones that you need the most!

Step 4: Insert The Desired Backlink in Your Website!

After getting information about the best backlinks that are being used especially by your competition, you must export them to your site as well and link them properly with your content. now you must find an active backlink that has a lot of traffic generation potential. You can use our backlink maker tool to make backlinks for your website but don’t look for links that suit your written content rather go for those which are being used by the users on the web.

Step 5: Compilation of The Backlinks!

After using the free backlink checker to check the score of ranking that the links are providing you must export all of the backlinks in a spreadsheet. Now don’t just focus on one competitor; rather, you should focus on at least ten websites that are in your competition and have similar content and similar ideas. Get all of the best links to yourself and use them on your website they generate even more traffic than all of them combined!

Step 6: Page Authority and Backlinks!

You must use the backlinks in order of page authority, the higher authority is the highest should be the number of links that must be used in your page. Somehow, it depends upon the number of referring domains so you can also check the number of referring domains. Although page authority is not considered by the search engine as per Google experts, say that the page authority has a lot to do with ranking so you must use a page authority checker tool to checker the authority score of the backlink that you are planning on using in your content!

Step 7: Review All the Sites!

You must review as many sites as you can to make sure that you have the best backlinks for your page. Other than your competition found some websites that are having related content like you and build a good relationship with them for page linking! This will help you generate more traffic on your page!