Keyword Planning Tools

Thousands of websites are developed every day, and for their optimization, you need unique content with keywords stacked into it in a proper manner. The average keyword presence percentage is around 1 to 2 percent for best results if exceeded the content will become stuffed with keywords for which Google strictly prohibits.

Keyword Planner Tools will help you in a number of ways, starting from suggesting keywords to checking the density of them. So, make sure to use all the tools that can help your website get better results in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

1. Keyword Rank Checker

Are you done completing your website and your SEO team is taking care of the optimization? Now it is time for you to keep a track on where your site is on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Instead of checking your website by placing one keyword at a time in the search engine the best thing you can do is use this amazing keyword position tool. It will tell you about the exact page your website is on the search engine and which number. You can use up to 10 keywords instead of only one at the same time to save your energy and time.

2. Keyword Density Checker

Afraid you have too many keywords that your content feels stuffed with them? No need to worry, just let this tool know about the content, your keyword and do the math’s for you. Why go through the difficulty to count and try to find the keyword strength yourself and what if even after counting you are not accurate?

3. Keywords Suggestions Tool

Can’t find keywords to make your content more appealing? It is really important that whatever you have on your blog or content it should be unique in order to make search engines index it on their servers. So, if you have the main keyword you need to focus on, then all you have to is give that keyword, and in return, you will be given many short and long tail keywords to choose from.

4. Website Keywords Suggestions Tool

Getting a website developed isn’t a problem but maintaining it is, especially if you are running a business website or a blog you need to update content frequently allowing it to be indexed. If you are not updating the content means you won’t receive much traffic and thus no search engine crawlers will crawl your website. So, allow this tool to find keywords for you based on the content and structure of your site. All you have to do is decide which ones to keep and use in your articles.

5. Keywords Rich Domains Suggestions Tool

Trouble finding a domain name, can’t find one related to your choice of a keyword? This is the part where the most important of all, even before the development of a website, the optimization begins. Where you have to look for a domain name that is suitable for the type of content you wish to post on it. If you can’t find even after trying for a hundred times let this suggestion tool be of some use. It will let you know about all the possible domain names matching your main keyword, and you can choose one from them.

6. Keywords Finder

The main keyword is something your whole website is based on, and this main keyword is present in your domain name as well for better optimization of a website. Now to find keywords related to your main one is the tough job. Sometimes your mind cannot generate keywords your site needs it is best to leave such a resilient action to a related keywords finder. It will find keywords for you based on the construction of your website and your job will be to use those keywords in the content of your site.

7. Long Tail Keywords

Google is now updating the way it looks at each website, keywords are not much into focus by the search engine, but the structure of the content is which is why long tail keywords are used. They not only contain one keyword but includes 3 to 4 words which describe the keyword more reasonably. These keywords are less competitive and elaborate the content on the website very well. So, if you are still focusing on a single word-based SEO, then you should switch to long tail keywords.

8. Keyword Competition Checker

There are too many websites out there of the same kind, what differs them is not only the domain name but also the content of the site. So, try not to copy content from someone else’s website because it not only contains their keywords but is also considered plagiarized. Keep your content unique by choosing keywords very carefully the less the standard keywords, the less the competition. So, do check for the keywords competition before using them in the content of your website.

9. Keyword Analysis

It is hard to eliminate competition on the internet but what the best you can do is stay in the race for as long as you want with the help of little SEO. The website with most visitors and distinctive content remains on the top. So always keep an eye on your competitors with the help of this keyword competition analysis tool. After going through your competitor’s website, you are going to need different keywords and content that can represent your site better.

10. Keyword Analyzer

If you have a content that you wrote with the help of some content writer how are you going to check the keywords ratio in it? First, you will have to find how many times one keyword is written in the article then you will see the number of words in the article after that you will do the calculation and then will get the result for one keyword. Live keyword analysis tool will allow you to check for as many keywords as you want at the same time. How many times a keyword is written in the whole content and the number of words as well.