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About AI Detector

The usage of AI detectors has spiked exponentially. Many people are now relying on generating content through AI. Being a teacher or webmaster, you might be worried about receiving AI-generated text from students and content creators.

That’s why it becomes important to distinguish between human-created and AI-generated content to ensure protection against copyright infringement.

To prevent this from happening, is introducing the AI content detector. The web-based utility is designed to detect ai generated text with ultimate efficiency and accuracy. This is also known as the chatGPT detector. It won’t charge a penny or ask you to buy any credits for conducting this process.

AI Content Detector Working Model

The functionality of our AI content detector is based on advanced algorithms. The AI tool passes your content through multiple stages to showcase the reality of any content you upload on it.


At first, this tool evaluates your content in depth and compares it with NLP tactics used by ChatGPT and other AI models.


The chat GPT detector deeply analyzes the structure of your content and its layout.


Once processing is done, it makes sure to detect AI generated text and display the results in terms of percentage.


As a result, you can easily figure out the chunks of text that are written by humans or generated through AI bots like chat gpt-3 and chat gpt-4.

Steps for AI Detection of Content

AI-generated content can be detected quickly by accessing our AI content detector by following the instructions shared below.

Step 1
Paste the text in the given box or click the upload button to submit a text file.
Step 2
After uploading the text, click the “Detect AI Content” button.
Step 3
In a matter of seconds, the chat gpt detector will differentiate between highlighted human-written and AI-generated text.
Why Choose Our AI Checker?

The distinctive features and outstanding performance of our AI checker make it stand out from all utilities available over the web. Here are the reasons why you should choose our AI content checker.

Content AI detection with Accuracy

Our AI detection tool aims to deliver accurate results. It’s capable of smartly identifying text that’s generated through AI. Whether your text contains a single AI-written sentence or paragraph, the chat gpt checker will highlight and display the results instantaneously.

Real-Time Content Detection

You don’t have to wait for hours or even minutes for AI content detection. The AI detector offered on this web portal provides you with real-time results. You can get to know whether a text is generated by a bot, human-written, or written by chat gpt in a couple of seconds.

Supports Multiple Languages

The AI content detector isn’t limited to the detection of content in English. This platform supports multiple languages and allows you to easily detect chatGPT or AI-written text. You can run the chatgpt detector on text in various languages, such as Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, French, German, Italian, etc.

Privacy Guaranteed

You won’t come across any privacy concerns when you choose to check your content through our AI detection tool. The privacy of users is our utmost priority; hence, we make sure to handle your submitted data carefully. Our tool ensures the confidentiality of your uploaded text by removing it safely from the databases once the AI detection process is completed.


The AI detectors available over the web might not be fully accurate. Some of them may not detect AI generated text, while others might even flag human-written text as AI. However, that’s not the case with the AI content detector on This tool generates 100% accurate results instantly.

Plagiarism detection involves identifying instances of plagiarism. It includes text, images, and other forms of content. Check your content plagiarism using the online plagiarism checker anytime anywhere.

In contrast, AI detection involves the usage of artificial intelligence tools, like ChatGPT, to create content.

Yes! The advanced AI content detector can easily spot the manipulations of human-created content with AI-generated text. It will let you know the exact portions of your text that contain AI content.

Our AI text checker won’t save your uploaded text in its databases or publish it on any website. Hence, there’s no chance of your text becoming available online or getting plagiarized.

AI writing detector is a useful tool for anyone who is involved in writing tasks. Whether you’re a writer, marketer, or website owner, you won’t desire to face backlash from the audience due to AI content. Therefore, you can take benefit of an AI detector to make sure your content doesn’t contain AI-generated text.

As per the updates brought by Google, content that doesn’t provide any value to the readers and doesn’t comply with its E-A-T guidelines is regarded as low-quality. AI content doesn’t meet google guidelines; hence, it can face penalties from Google. While unique content gets a higher ranking on SERP. If you have AI content, then it might not be possible to get it ranked even on the first page.

It may seem like the AI content detector won’t be able to identify AI content in the future, as AI content generation tools are getting improved day after day. However, it’s not true, as we are also bringing advancements in our AI text detector. In the future, it will continue to detect all instances of AI-generated text, no matter how advanced AI models become.

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