Image Tools

Taking selfies, photos of people and locations have become a part of our daily life. These photos are used for various purposes; it can be used on websites, profiles or social networks. All the sites over the internet have a requirement of size, and that size can be achieved by decompressing the image without affecting its quality. It takes a lot of time if we start editing and cropping using the software on a computer, which is the exact reason why these tools are present online so you can crop, compress and get the size you want for the image.

Pictures that you take through the camera of your mobile phone occupy a lot of storage space. These images when exceeding the limit of storage, what are you going to do? Will you either delete all the extra pictures or try to manage space by removing other items in your device? What if you never had to deal with such a situation ever again? There are many tools available through which you accomplish this task either by resizing the image or by compressing it.

1. Reverse Image Search

An image of a place you found interesting or beautiful but don’t know where to look for? Any person you think you know but can’t recognize? Search for any place, any person, any food, anything. This tool is used to find whatever you want with the help of an image. Somebody in your friends of friends you think you know about from somewhere but aren’t sure? What you can do is take a picture of that person and let this tool show you its magic.

Reverse image tool can look for anything using the help of information stored on search engines over the internet. Especially if you want to learn about some company in which you are about to submit your job application, then it is best to learn about the firm first.

2. Image Compressor

Don’t have enough storage to save all pictures to your phone's gallery? Or is there a website asking for the small size of an image and you don’t have it? Instead of using complicated software on a computer you can opt for an image compression tool. Pictures with different sizes can be needed at different places and for multiple purposes.

In order to boost up the loading speed of a website you should always use compressed images the reason is, the longer it takes to download images from a server the longer it will take for a site to load completely. This is why usually sprite images are used instead of using pictures individually on different parts of the site.

3. Favicon Generator

Have a business website and doesn’t have a favicon (favorite icon)? These icons are used before the URL at the location bar and can be found in the bookmark menu as well. You can use any image as a favicon, if it is a business then you should use your brand's logo instead of any other icon. It is an excellent way to increase the prominence of the website.

Good business sites always have logos as their favicons to present the site in a better way. You can look for an image or ask some designer to make for you; the image can be of any letter, character or logo after that let this tool converts it into your favicon.

4. Image Resizer

Can’t find a way to resize an image for a profile? Well, you are in the right place. Resizing a picture not only allows you to lessen the file size but also allows you to adjust it according to the demand. There are some excellent skills required for using software’s on a computer for resizing purpose, and without any knowledge of the application, you can’t achieve your goal.

Image resizing is required for display pictures, paperwork, printing purposes, etc. because a standard camera takes a photo according to the default resolution. This is the reason these pictures can be reduced in size or cropped without affecting the quality. Increase in the size might affect its quality a little because it requires more pixels.

5. Crop Image

Want to send some part of the image to somebody and don’t know how to crop? Let this tool be at your service. Today we share pictures with several people; these images can be of designs, photo-shoots, illustrations, land escapes, and vital information. You can crop an image if you don’t want others to see a specific part of the image especially if it contains content you want to hide.

Or it can also be used to reduce the size of the image, which will save you a little storage space depending on how much you have cropped the picture. You can use the cropped images to construct a whole new picture as well.

6. Convert to JPG

Editing an image sometimes can be troublesome especially if it is not in the right format. Today’s cameras take and save photos in JPEG format. These lossy formats allow you to edit files the way you want. You can add more stuff to them which will increase the size of the file but if it is worth it then why care?

Conversion to JPG is essential not only for modifying purpose but because it also has good quality and can be compressed with quality experiencing an invisible loss. However, the size of the JPG image occupies a little more space than other formats, but it has the best quality.

7. RGB to Hex

Every developer at some point requires these hexadecimal codes for colors. We cannot just give every color a name as there are more than 16 million colors. Every color is assigned a unique value which can be understood by computers. Every computer of today can understand Red, Blue, Green but the combination of colors at different levels allows us to create a new color and a new shade.

RGB to HEX conversion is mostly used in websites to get a perfect theme for the site. If we cannot learn the codes or copy them from a conversion tool, we will never be able to get a color theme.

8. PNG to JPG

Do you want to convert your image stored in PNG format into the most desired format over the web, JPG? If yes, then you can access and use the online image converter available on This online converter lets you convert as many PNG files into JPG as you desire without imposing any restrictions.

9. JPG to PNG

PNG file format supports transparency, and it offers several benefits to the users as compared to JPG. If you have JPG files and wish to transform them into JPG format, then you can use our free online tool. The quality of your file will remain intact, and the conversion process will be executed within a blink of an eye due to the top-notch performance of our online converter.