Image Compressor

Our online image compressor reduces photo size. Compress JPEG, JPG, and PNG photos while maintaining the same level of quality and compression.


This online image compressor is a super handy tool. So you wouldn’t have to indulge yourself in any convoluted process. Below, you’ll find some simple steps for image compression.

  1. Firstly upload upto 5 photos (JPG, JPEG, or PNG) to the tool
  2. The tool will start to compress image size without distorting the quality.
  3. Voila! The image will be compressed, and you can save it to your device by clicking the download button.


The online photo compressor comes with advanced algorithms that reduce image size in KB by not affecting the quality. The algorithms used to reduce the file size aren’t confined to a certain extent but stretch beyond by optimizing the pictures in terms of quality. It also works as an image optimizer to maintain the quality and resolution of the pictures. Before the inception of this handy tool, there were a lot of complexities involved in compressing image size. The only option was to import images to a photo editor and manually alter the resolution or the pixels. The quality of the images was also compromised due to the manual compression. However, the image compressor online helps compress photo size without affecting the quality of pictures.


The JPG/JPEG compressor is a highly advanced utility that provides the desired results to the users. Furthermore, the deployment of AI-Powered algorithms makes it possible to compress jpeg file size without distorting the quality that’s why we also call this an image optimizer. Let’s discuss some additional features, which you surely need to know.

Free and Easy to Use

Our png compressor is free, and you won’t have to pay a single penny to minimize the size of multiple images. There are no strings attached, and you can compress png images as many times as you want. We haven’t set any limitations on the utilization of this facility. The user interface of this image size compressor is simple, and even native users can use it on the go.

Supported Everywhere

Our online image compressor is supported by all devices. All you need is a good internet connection and a browse. So whether you are using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or any other operating system, the picture compressor is supported by all of them. There are no compatibility issues at all.

Quality Image Compression

The image compression online is executed in a way that quality isn’t compromised at all. The file size is reduced in a way that it doesn’t affect the pixels or resolution of images in any way around. So if you are concerned about the quality, then you need to brush away your worries because the image quality stays intact.

Multiple Image Formats

You can optimize images of multiple formats. For example, you can compress photos, JPG, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and more. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the image formats because all of them are supported by this image optimizer.

Privacy Guaranteed

We’re highly conscious of the privacy of our users. There’s a zero-tolerance policy on our end. We put all our efforts into securing your data from not getting into the hands of any unauthorized source. Your submitted images are neither saved in our database nor shared with any third-party source.

Lossy or Lossless Compression - Which One Is the Best?

The process of combining or removing different parts of an image in order to reduce JPG size without degrading its quality is known as image compression. There are two primary ways of optimizing images. Let’s discuss them and see which one is more suitable.

Lossless compression

As the name denotes, lossless compression involves no data loss. In this method, the image size reduces while the quality of the picture remains the same as before. In simple words, lossless compression is reversible. Therefore, this type of photo compression is mostly preferred to reduce the size while maintaining the quality of the file identical to the original one. The primary types of lossless image compressions are mentioned below.

1. RAW

This format is available in most DSLR cameras that provide great assistance to professional photographers. This type of lossless image has the capability to store all the light data captured from the camera. However, the pictures in a RAW format usually are large in size. Furthermore, you need an online image compressor to edit these files.

2. PNG

This type reduces the size of the picture by analyzing its patterns and compressing them together. This image compression can be restored to its original format easily. This format is immensely useful for designers and photographers because none of the crucial information gets lost.

3. BMP

This BMP (bitmap) format is used to store high-quality digital images. BMP is lossless, but the size of BMP files is often larger than other picture formats. Therefore, it’s not frequently used.

Lossy Compression

In lossy compression, the data is compressed and cannot be restored to its actual form. There is a possibility that some of the data may not be restored and permanently removed. That’s why the process is also known as irreversible compression. Lossy compression compress image size more than lossless compression. That’s why this compression is preferred to reduce the size of the pictures for better and smooth sharing. The two most prominent types of lossy compression are as follows:

1. JPG

This file format is widely used all over the globe for storing and sharing pictures. JPG, also known as JPEG, discards bits of pictures to reduce their size. The normal photo compression doesn’t make it noticeable, but it can be observed in the case of extreme compression. The JPG’s image quality can also be reduced by following different ways. For instance, rotating the JPG will also affect its quality because each rotation will cause some data loss. However, the assistance of an advanced jpg compressor can help in avoiding this data loss.

2. GIF

GIF is another type of lossy compression that majorly reduces the number of colors of an image to compress its size. However, the format may affect the appearance of the picture. Therefore, GIF is mainly used for images that are animated.


The super-efficient algorithms of this online photo compressor were developed in a way that it compresses photo size online, but the quality remains intact. We assure you that you won’t be able to spot any difference between the original and optimized images. The pixels of the submitted image will not be distorted, but the file size will be reduced. The file size is reduced by more than 70%! The graphic quality will stay intact to its utmost refinement. You would hardly find any difference between the original and compressed version of the image.

Image to compress

Original File size 62KB

Compressed Image

Compressed File size 16.77KB


Image optimization is essential for multiple reasons. You can compress image to 20kb to publish on your website, share with other people, or free up the space of PC and mobile. Let’s get to know why there is a need to compress image online without losing quality.

Optimize Images for Websites

No one would ever want images that would slow down the loading speed of a website. It has undoubtedly a negative impact on the overall user experience. The loading speed of a website is directly proportional to the bounce-back rate. If your web pages are taking time to load, then the bounce-back rate will increase. If the loading speed is fully optimized, then the bounce-back rate will decrease. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use an image optimizer online for better results.

Free Up Space on PC and Mobile

Most of the memory on digital devices is occupied by visual content in general and images in particular. So you can free up the space without deleting those images. All you would need is to compress jpg, png, and jpeg images by using the image compressor online to reduce 80% of space.

Quick File Sharing

It is surely a difficult chore to share a high-quality image of large size with someone else through any medium. Now, with the assistance of a photo size compressor online, you can easily share images without any obstacles. Sharing images through email and social media also requires a certain file size. Otherwise, you won’t be able to send images whose file size exceeds the given limit. So compress photo online for image sharing on any platform. In this regard, you can also utilize an online image compressor for better results.


What Is the Maximum Image Size I Can Upload?

The online image compressor allows you to upload a picture with a size of up to 5 MB. You can upload the image and reduce its size according to your preference.

How to Reduce Image Size online in Windows 10 Or Mac?

This online picture compressor supports all operating systems, including Windows 10 and IOS. Moreover, you can also compress image online using your Mac.

How Many Images Can I Compress at Once?

The advanced jpeg compressor online allows you to upload 5 images in a single go. This tool will compress picture and provides you with reduced image size in a matter of seconds.

How Can I Reduce the Mb of a Photo?

You can take the assistance of our online image compressor to reduce photo size below 1MB without affecting its quality.