Backlinks Tools

Do you think your website has everything it needs to maintain its rank in SERPs? Getting a site developed isn’t a big deal but what follows after is. You need a lot of search engine optimization if you want to get a good rank – it is a long road. One of which leads to backlinks and if you don’t have backlinks on your website to some important and ranked websites then it can also be one of the factors to why your site isn’t getting a good rank.

Backlinks tools allow you to check for all the links present on your webpage in multiple ways, let’s say you own a website and have backlinks on it but do you know all the links on your webpage are valid and doesn’t contain any malware or is a spamming website? You need to learn about the content the site includes before you can create a backlink of the website.

1. Backlink Checker

Your site might contain links that are affected by malware, and you definitely don’t want that to happen. The reason is if it does your site will not only descend in rank but might get inaccessible as well. You need to have clear links on your website in order to make it appear on the first page of SERPs. Backlinks can be made of any URL but creating a valid backlink is what your website exactly needs. So before adding any backlinks to your site you need to verify the authenticity of the link.

2. Backlink Maker

One of the primary keys to unlocking a good rank is backlinks. It doesn’t matter what your website is about or the links you are going to add belong to you or someone else. The reason is if you add backlinks with good ranks it will allow bots that crawl good websites to check your site too. It will not only be beneficial for the rank of your website but the page the link is on as well. The page that contains the backlink will be indexed and will gain vital importance in the results of the searches made by people in search engines. If you own a website and if many websites use your backlink, you will rank better in search engine too. Note that!

3. Website Links Count Checker

Do you think you have overstuffed your site with various links? It is time to learn about how many links your website has. Let’s say you have just started your business, and a small business site should contain somewhere around 40 backlinks to their site. Overstuffing is when you add too many backlinks instead of adding a lot of content. There is a limit to how many links a websites page or the whole website should contain depending on the rank of the website especially if your website is new in the market. You can remove any unwanted backlinks from your site if you have progressed in the search engine results page.

4. Link Tracker

Linking a website that has quality content and matches the kind of site you have is another road to good rank. There are many websites out there who would create a backlink of your site especially if it has an excellent rank for reference purpose. Another motive is to rank well in the search engines which is why if your site has a good position you need to keep an eye on the backlinks of your site. It will tell if the links are live or not especially if the link that contains backlink is indexed or not if they are then it will be a big plus.

5. Link Price Calculator

Do you own a website for quite a while and are willing to sell the domain? Or do you want to buy a domain for your site? Well, what better place can you find other than link price calculator? It will not inform you of the price but will let you know about the visits and page views as well. This little tool will either help you in buying a new domain or sell your old one. The older domains are of course a plus, if you are willing to buy because you don’t have to work on its SEO and maintaining its good rank will be your next job.

6. Reciprocal Link Checker

Do you own another website which you wish to interlink with your other sites? A reciprocal link basically allows both sites to a way to visit each other, especially if your website doesn’t contain the whole but the other one does so the link will be used to move the user to that part of the other site. It will not only allow your sites to gain increased traffic but will help in ranking as well in different ways. First can be the searches made through search engines the second will be the traffic received by the reciprocal link.

7. Website Link Analyzer Tool

The backlinks your website contains that link to other websites are called external links. These links play a vital role in ranking of a site; the better the website, the better the chances to get ranked and crawled. Analyzing these links is the most important if your site contains blogs and gives the option to comment, most people add links to these sections of the page. So, it is essential to analyze the page frequently it will allow you to learn about how many links there are, which to remove and which to keep.

8. Broken Link Checker

Do you know how many broken links your website has, the links you thought are useful for search engine optimization doesn’t exist anymore? Well, there are sites the links break to or are brought down. There can be many reasons for that one of which is the site didn’t contain any unique content anymore, and the owner decided to pause the website for a while to update or brought it down because he couldn’t maintain its rank. It is necessary to keep an eye on the links of the websites to learn if it leads to a valid site or the middle of nowhere.