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Are you sure Google has indexed all your pages? It’s time to think again!

When it comes to KPIs (key performance indicators) to keep track of SEO efforts, it is common for SEOs to disagree. However, indexation is one such metric, over which no one can possibly argue in their right senses. It, in fact, doesn’t matter how much time you spend creating, updating and optimizing the ‘perfect page’ to grab that top position in Google search. Without indexation, your chances of getting organic traffic are zero.

So, now you know why it’s important to keep track of the all the website pages, crawled and indexed by Google.

(Beware: Google might crawl your page but still not index it.)

To scan the web, Google uses ‘crawlers’, they analyze the web pages and rank them in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) as per their relevance to the user. While crawling the web, Google also builds a repository of the web pages.

Take it as going for wine tasting, where you want to taste as much wine as possible for you. But you don’t get drunk, as after sipping a wine, you spit it out. You try to remember every single flavor, so that if someone asks about a particular wine flavor in future, and you have tasted it, you can instantly tell about its aroma, taste, etc.

Sounds familiar?! Well, it is!

If Google fails to crawl and index your site correctly, then the likelihood is high that you are missing out on all the relevant, organic traffic, and more importantly, potential clients.

Just a tip: URL is indexed? Now check where is it ranking with google pagerank checker. This test will help you to improve the ranking.

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Keeping a record of the web pages, Google crawled and indexed is important, we also know it’s easier said than done. But all is not lost! SearchEngineReports has come up with its very own bulk Google Index Checker tool.

So now you can check which URLs have been indexed and which have not been indexed by Google in the easiest way.

Pro tip: Before indexing, check SEO of your website, analyze and remove all the possible errors. It will be more beneficial for your website.

For a webmaster or SEO expert, it is essential to keep a check on whether his sites are properly indexed or not. After all, no one will like missing out on the organic traffic that Google indexation will bring.

It becomes challenging to check the web pages one by one, and it also consumes a lot of valuable time that could have been used in doing something else, of more significance. Now you can use advanced bulk Google Index Checker offered by Search Engine Reports at free of cost. Our Google URL Index Checker allows you to check for up to 5 URLs at a time.

To use the tool, a few simple steps are involved:

- Go to to get started.

- Enter the URLs (up to 5) you wish to check.

- Click on “Search” to run the tool and enter the Captcha as it appears on the screen.

- Once you’ve done that, our super smart Google Index Checker tool will do the rest, digging up all the information from Google. You will immediately get the results in a table form.

Results for your entered URLs will appear almost instantly including the URL, Index URL, and its Status.

Google is always doing its job, analyzing every single website that goes live. It is intermittently visiting all sites that exist on the web.

Whether you own a single website or there is a number of sites you have been taking care for a while, it is imperative to know whether your web pages are indexed or not by search engines such as Google. To perform a quick Google index check, you can use our free online Google site index checker.

There are two ways to do in Google index checking: one by one for each and every page or by using Google index checker php. A site can consist of just a few pages, indexed by Google, or it may have a large number of pages, not indexed by Google. Our Google site index checker assists you in finding out whether your site page is indexed to Google or not.

Do you have a website? Use our Google site index checker now to see if it’s been indexed.

On your recent visit to a library, you may have seen an index mentioned at the back of each book in the library. The number of books in the library keeps on increasing, with each new addition in the books having a unique index. The index comprises of particular words with an objective to make it less challenging for the peruser to find a specific book. It seems accommodating, no?! It certainly is.

Now let’s consider web! Web is on the persistent rise, with countless sites taken down and new websites being launched every day. It has become obligatory to get your site indexed in order to succeed and achieve a permanent web presence among hundreds and thousands of web proprietors.

Google works as a web library, and Google URL checker helps you to determine whether your page is indexed or not. Indexation of a site helps the potential visitors to find it more easily than those web pages that are not indexed. Failure in getting your site indexed will result in less traffic. Save your site, use the Google Index Checker!

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