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Case converter online allows you to change the case of your text. Enter text and convert case to capitalize text, sentence case, lowercase, uppercase, and alternate case as per your desire.

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Anyone involved in a writing task knows the importance of formatting a text, as it is a great way to draw the attention of readers toward specific portions of a text. The case converter is a great way to format your text without wasting your time. This web-based tool makes sure to offer results in a quick and hassle-free way to all the users. Whether you want to capitalize text, change case online from lowercase to uppercase, or uppercase to lowercase, this utility will help you precisely format text without seeking anyone’s assistance. Just enter the text that you wish to convert case and select your required case conversion. Your text is processed and converted in your desired case by this text converter in the blink of an eye.

  1. Access the case converter online on
  2. Paste the text in the given box to convert case.
  3. Select the case in which you need the text to be converted.
  4. Copy the results or click the Download button to save them as a text file on your device.

The different text case options are as follows:

Capitalized Case / Title capitalization

Title capitalization, also known as title case or proper case, transforms the first alphabet of each word in a phrase or sentence into capital. The title case is used to write the email subject, article heading, and the title of the text. For using this case, simply click the “Capitalize Word” button given on this title capitalization tool.


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Sentence Case

In sentence case, the first letter of each sentence in a text is capitalized or in uppercase, and the rest of the text into lowercase, no matter what part of speech it is. To carry out this task effortlessly, just click the “Sentence Case” button after entering text in the box given on this sentence case converter.


today is a sunny day. yesterday, it was raining.

Today is a sunny day. Yesterday, it was raining.


In simple terms, lowercase represents the letters of the words written in small alphabets. To convert uppercase to lowercase, just click the “lowercase” button given on this text converter.





As opposed to lowercase, the letters of the words written in all caps are the written representation of uppercase. Uppercase letters are used for titles or to highlight key information. With a single click on the “UPPERCASE” button, you can easily convert case of the text from lowercase to uppercase with the assistance of our caps converter.





The toggle case transforms the words into a mixed version. All capital letter to small letters and all small letter to capital letter. To convert any text into a toggle case, simply enter the words on this tool and click the “tOGGLE cASE” button. Brand use this case to seek user attention.




aLtErNaTiNg cAsE

The alternating case is also a kind of mixed version; however, unlike the toggle case, this case follows a pattern of letters in a word where a lowercase letter follows an uppercase character and so on. The alternating case is well known due to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media sites.




Title Case Converter

The titles cannot be written in the simple text case, as they should be prominent enough to stand out from the other text in a document. The title case converter is for individuals who are unsure about how to title an essay, article, or piece of information. Make sure to capitalize the appropriate letters. Capitalize text first alphabets of each word in a title except for prepositions.

Sentence Case Converter

It’s common for writers to make the mistake of not capitalizing the first word of sentences while being fully involved in writing. This ordinary mistake can give a wrong impression of the writers to their audience; hence, the usage of this sentence case converter allows you to avoid making this mistake and change case of your entire passage with a single click. The text you read in books is written in sentence case.

Uppercase to Lowercase Converter

While writing, mostly the writers don’t bother looking at the keyboard or even at the screen due to continuous practice. Therefore, several times they mistakenly turnout the caps lock button, make spelling or grammar mistakes, and several words in your text could be unwantedly capitalized. Instead of making manual changes after figuring out this mistake, you can use this uppercase to lowercase converter and bring all the words in the lowercase instantaneously.

Lowercase to Uppercase Converter

The readers are always looking forward to reading headlines in a text that are often capitalized. When the ideas strike your mind, you won’t bother thinking about what to capitalize in between the process of jotting them down. After you are done with writing, you can access this lowercase to uppercase converter or all caps converter and bring the words into uppercase without investing any time and effort.

The easy-to-use interface of the case changer offered on makes it the best available tool to change case of any kind of text. One of the major benefits of using our case converter is that it offers multiple variants of case conversions, including alternate cases, toggle cases, title capitalization, proper cases, lowercase, and uppercase online. The users are allowed to make as many conversions as they desire without facing any restrictions. No matter how many times you use this tool, it won’t ask you to pay a single penny. Its super-fast algorithms generate and display results instantaneously. You don’t need to be worried about going through the hassle of registration, as this tool allows you to make the required conversions on the go. This facility can be accessed through any web browser on your device, such as Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.


The titles should appear distinct from the rest of the text in a document; hence, the nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs should be capitalized in a title. According to some guidelines, the first and last words in a title should also be capitalized.

There is no restriction on the number of words you can enter on this text converter. You can convert cases of as many words as you desire in a single go without facing any limitations from this online case converter.

In case a text contains a special character, it will remain the same after case conversion with this online case converter. Whether you change case text to sentence case or convert uppercase to lowercase, the special characters in it aren’t changed a bit and stay as it is.

The case converter on supports various languages, which include English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and Italian.