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Calculate your income with the aid of our AdSense Calculator tool by pasting the daily page impressions, click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) in the demanded locations, and then press the “Calculate Earning” button.

You own a website and its up and running and getting a reasonable amount of traffic. Now comes the time when you want to allow advertising companies to advertise their products and sites on your website. If you opt for Google AdSense, then you would need to use an AdSense Calculator to calculate your earnings.

Google is the most popular search engine in use worldwide. Every website master and owner wants to get their website indexed and ranked by Google. What this means for the site master is that Google has recognized the website and is ranking it in its search engine.

Once Google indexes and ranks a website, the next step would be to get ads on it. Some sites owners expect their websites to start making money although they are not in the e-commerce business. For example, you have a blogging site which you are regularly updating and have some followers. Business houses would be interested in placing ads on your website. It is not limited to blogging sites, as any site regardless of its visitors will interest ad places if they see potential in the Internet site of generating traffic to their sites. Ad places look at the traffic to a website and its location. If it sells products in the area targeted by the website, it will be interested in placing ads on it.

Google launched AdSense in 2003. The Gmail team was responsible for launching the idea which has become a profit making business for Google. Google AdSense is a cost-per-click (CPC) advertising program for internet site owners and advertisers. Website owners need to insert HTML code in their sites which allow ads to appear on the site. The ads are relevant to the content and target audience of the site.

AdSense is right now the easiest way for website owners and bloggers to make money from their sites. Once you insert the AdSense code into your website, the Google spider crawl the site and examines the contents. Based on this information the Google checks the ads in its inventory and selects the appropriate ads for the site.

This works well for visitors to the site and the advertisers. For example, a visitor in Detroit reading about car tires repair shop would be interested in an ad selling tires in Detroit than where to buy flowers from.

AdSense ads don’t just appear on the home page of the site. Different ads can be placed on the content pages of the site. The ads will be based on the content of that page. Therefore don’t expect the same ads to appear on every page of a site.

Advertisers who want Google to place their ads on websites have to choose which keywords they want to advertise on. An advertiser selling food products would bid on keywords like: “beverages, snacks, meat, vegetables, fruits, cold drinks, etc.”.

keywords. If it finds content matches with the advertiser’s, it will place their ad on that site next to the content matching any of the keywords.

To get more details on how much would Google charge to place your ad in its inventory will depend on your target market and ad type. An ad can be just content or image with content, only image or video.

AdSense works on the pay per click (PPC) basis. So ad publishers get paid depending on how many clicks they got on the ads. The rate for PPC varies from a few cents to as high as $10. Ten to fifteen cents per click is a decent price.

The rates vary with the target sector of the sites. Some sectors get fifteen cents per click whereas another sector may be getting fifty cents per click. The more the demand for certain keywords, the higher will be the advertiser's rates.

You can get more information on AdSense by looking up: AdSense Calculator YouTube, how does AdSense calculate earnings, Google AdSense earnings per visitor and some other useful sites on AdSense.

Once your site is getting AdSense ads there are certain rules that you should follow:

  • Don’t click on ads on your website
  • Don’t urge visitors to click on them
  • Don’t ask friends and relatives to visit your site and click on ads.

Remember Google search engines are smart and anyone trying to fool them is in for a harsh surprise. Google can easily trace false clicks and know how to do that. Therefore it’s advised not to ruin your reputation with Google by trying to fool it. Many people have tried these tricks and have been punished for it. No one should expect Google not to know how people will try to fool it to make money.

In simple words, CTR is ‘click through rate.' For example, a page on your website is viewed 100 times a day by site visitors, and ten of them click on an advertisement. The click through rate would be:

  • CTR = Number of Clicks / Number of exposures. 10/100 = 0.1
  • CTR% = Number of clicks * 100 / # of exposures. 10 X 100/100= 10%.

Every website owner who is hosting AdSense ads on his or her website has no idea of how many clicks on the ads were made by visitors; they have to depend on Google to inform them and pay them accordingly.

In case you are interested in calculating your expected AdSense earning you are free to use AdSense Calculator. This tool is available on the site under ‘Free SEO Tools.' Click on it and enter Daily Page Impressions, CTR%, Cost per click. The utility will quickly display:

  • Daily Earnings
  • Monthly Earnings
  • Yearly Earnings
  • Daily Clicks
  • Monthly Clicks
  • Yearly Clicks

This utility is a great help for webmasters and owners to calculate the website’s earnings.

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