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Allow Google Spiders to crawl your website without letting them miss any content or pages of your site. All you need to do is, enter the domain of your website, modification date, how frequently you change or update its content, how many pages need to be crawled and press the "Generate Sitemap" switch.


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XML Sitemap sounds fancy and complicated, right? Don't let the name overwhelm you, because it's not as technical as it seems, especially when you go about it the right way. Ask any SEO specialists, and they'll tell you that a online sitemap xml generator is a necessity when it comes to attracting more traffic to a site.

So, what exactly is an XML Generator? When you place a formatted XML file with a sitemap on your web server, you allow Search Engine crawlers (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing) to figure out which pages are present and which have recently been changed, and to crawl your site accordingly.

The purpose of a sitemap is to organize a website by identifying the URLs and the data allocated in different sections. Earlier, the sitemap xml generators were initially geared for the users of a site. However, the new Google XML format is intended for the search engines, enabling them to find the data quicker and more efficiently.

If you own a website or intend to own one in the future, wouldn't you want your visitors to experience seamless navigation while on your site? Sitemap XML allows visitors to access the information they need from your webpage.

Around four years ago, Google launched the Sitemap 0.84 Protocol, designed to utilize the XML format. The new sitemap format was developed in response to the growing size and complexity of countless websites. Majority of the business sites usually held thousands of products in their catalogs; while the popularity and demand of blogging led to webmasters renewing their content once a day. Let's not even talk about popular community-building tools like message boards and forums.

As most sites doubled in size and value, it became a problem for search engines such as Google to keep track of all the material, which resulted in the search engine to "jump" over content as it crawled through these rapidly changing pages.

The purpose of XML protocol is to allow the search engines to track the URLs more effectively, optimizing their search by placing all the information in one single page. Website Sitemap XML also reviews how frequently a site is updated and records the moment any changes were made.

XML Structure are not, as some thought, a generator for search engine optimization. When you create sitemap, it does not influence your site's ranking; however, it does permit search engines to make more precise searches and ranking. The sitemap provides the data that a search engine requires.

We have already established that XML Structure allows Google and its counterparts to crawl sites more intelligently.

To put it simply it means that a good sitemap XML serves as a roadmap of a website which directs search engines to all the relevant pages.

Sitemap generator is especially important if:

  • Your site does not have a lot of internal or backlinks.
  • Your website is new and lacks external links.
  • Few pages on the site are created dynamically
  • Your site is big and has a backlog of archived content which might not be well-linked.
  • Your site is just mediocre, but you care about search engines and thus want to index it adequately.
  • An XML Parser Online can also be beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO).

Are you worried about how to make a sitemap? We’ve got you covered!

Read the following steps carefully to create a Sitemap Structure for your site. It's important to note that Search Engine Reports does not give prompts to its users to register on the website. There is no need to fill in any personal information or make an account. To create XML structure, users have full access to the online sitemap generator for free.

  • The first step is to enter the entire URL of the website in the blank field.
  • Just below the field for the website URL, there are options like Modified date, Date, and Change Frequency. Fill in the correct information according to the given field.
  • The last two fields are 'Default priority' and 'How many pages do I need to crawl?' Again, multiple options are given just choose the ones that suit your needs.
  • When all the required information is entered correction, just click the button that says “Generate Sitemap" and wait until the generator crawls the entire website.
  • Once the generator has completed the task, the results will be shown in a matter of seconds including XML file content, the number of pages, broken links list, and link to a sitemap file.
  • Users can easily download the XML sitemap file and then add it into the domain root folder of their site.

Now, you can add your sitemap URL by visiting your Google Webmaster account.

Search Engine Reports XML Parser Online is continuously updated to ensure that there are no flukes or glitches in the tool. Our team works around the clock to make sure the generator works effortlessly and at the optimum level.

The generator is ideal for those who need to create Website sitemap for a small site quickly. Lastly, but certainly not the least, Search Engine Reports XML sitemap maker does not require to be downloaded and installed. It's readily available on the website from anywhere in the world without the hassle of downloading the tool. Users needn't worry about infecting their website or desktop with spyware or malware, because our state of the art security system prevents this from happening.

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